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Art Works Mirror Culture of An Ancient Land

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Kirkwood Hosts ‘Reflections of Persia” Exhibit in Iowa Hall Gallery

The intricate, colorful art of the Middle East will come vividly to life at Kirkwood Community College as Jafar Mogadam’s “Reflections of Persia” is the next exhibit in the college’s Fine Arts series. Mogadam’s ceramic and tile works will be on display through March 20 in the Iowa Hall Gallery in Cedar Rapids.

The Kirkwood exhibit of Mogadam’s works is a complement to the current exhibit of contemporary Iranian photography on display at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Arts Specialist Arbe Bareis calls the Iowa Hall Gallery presentation “a superb window into a fascinating culture” for all who see it.

“Jafar’s work is truly magnificent. The detail, the richness of color—the entire exhibit is a powerful testimony to how the culture of his youth remains with him always. We are truly fortunate to be able to share this great exhibit with eastern Iowa,” Bareis added.

Jafar Mogadam was born and raised in Teheran, Iran and studied art in his native country before moving to the U.S. He continued his education at the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Northern Iowa and University of Iowa. Mogadam became a naturalized U.S. citizen and taught art in high schools before devoting his professional life to creating art that reflected his native land, Persia.

Mogadam spent 25 years living in rural Iowa, creating paintings that detailed the unique history of Persia, introducing Persian art and culture to the Midwest and America. Over the past decade he turned to tile work that further reflected that part of the world. Mogadam once commented that “tiles are fundamental to Persian architecture, covering mosques, palaces and tombs with exquisite designs. Most Americans have only seen this centuries-old art in photographs. I hope my work gives people in the Midwest a tangible opportunity to learn from and experience an ancient art.”

Regular Iowa Hall Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The exhibit will also be open during Kirkwood performing arts presentations in Ballantyne Auditorium.