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January Student of the Month: Rahma Tawil

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Tell us about you background please(hometown, high school, family etc..): My name is Rahma. It is an arabic name meaning mercy. I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (fittingly at Mercy Hospital) Around that time, we lost my grandma who had an arabic origin (Palestinian) which is why I was named Rahma – to be a mercy on her soul. My father is Russian Palestinian and my mother is Turkish. They both grew up overseas and came here for a new beginning. I have two older brothers, an older sister and two younger twin sisters who are the babies of the family. I attended Kennedy High School which I finished the last semester of my second year there and graduated with the class of 2012.

What is your program of study at Kirkwood and why are you pursuing it?: I am currently attending Kirkwood and am pursuing a path towards becoming a doctor. I always have had a passion to become one, I lost close family members due to a lack of doctors in the area and feel that it’s somewhat my duty to help others who are if not in the same situation. I would like the feeling of knowing that my presence was able to help someone continue living the life they’re were blessed with.

Describe your overall experience at Kirkwood? Any activities or organizations?: Kirkwood has been an awesome experience for me. Coming in at 17 I was still a child, scared of the adults and scared of making my own choices. I wanted to finish fast like in high school and leave ASAP, I basically grew up here. I got my first job at RuffaloCODY as a solicitor and then my second at the Marketing and Finance office located within kirkwood as a work study and there i have learned both the skills and experience needed to survive the ‘working adult world.’ Fortunately i attended many of Kirkwood activities such as Welcome Week, to listening to speakers at Ballantyne auditorium. I am enrolled in Stem Club which is a club for science and math careerpaths.

What do you do for fun?: What I do for fun depends on my mood. It varies from staying at home and playing video games, knitting or reading to the social life where I’m with my friends in cafes, snowboarding (which I enjoy very much) or just ‘chilling’ at their house talking, eating, etc.

Where do you see yourself in five years?: I would like to see myself education wise at a university of my choice working on my masters – if I don’t have it already. If I do, then working on my PhD. In my personal life I wouldn’t mind settling down maybe even starting a family if possible. I would also like to grow mentally and emotionally and continuing to keep positive so it can motivate me and keep me persistent and directed towards my goals.