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Alcohol Screening Day Set, April 10

By April 1, 2008January 21st, 2019No Comments

The Campus Health and Student Development offices of Kirkwood Community College will host an alcohol screening program on April 10, 2008. That is National Alcohol Screening Day® (NASD), an annual awareness event that provides education about alcohol and health as well as free, anonymous screening for alcohol use problems.

Private FREE screenings will be held in Iowa Hall 125 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Stop by for information that may help you or a loved one. Snacks will be provided and organized class visits are welcome.

More than 30 studies indicate the efficacy of screening and brief intervention for alcohol problems early on, before addiction and other serious problems occur. NASD events present an opportunity to promote alcohol screening to college students, faculty, and staff alike in a way that makes alcohol screening as acceptable as measuring an individual’s blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Campus Health Director Lori Jeppson said, “Those interested may participate in the screening any time in the three-hour window on a walk in basis. Faculty are welcome to bring classes and some have given extra credit in the past.”

Participants will fill out a brief screening tool which is confidentially scored. Then each participant will meet with a qualified individual to discuss results and refer as needed. While they wait for scoring they can watch a video on alcohol abuse and have refreshments if they wish.

“We use no names. Everyone is identified by a number only,” Jeppson added.

More information on how to get alcohol abuse assistance is available via the Internet: