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Ryan Delaney: Another Ambitious Alumnus

By July 23, 2014November 6th, 2018No Comments
Ryan Delaney

Ryan Delaney, Kirkwood Community College alumnus

Since high school, the Kirkwood/Iowa alumnus has managed an ambitious to-do list.

When Ryan Delaney played quarterback in high school football, he learned to read the field and take advantage of game opportunities. That was also true when a summer banking internship in his native Fort Madison became a chance for a year-round job.

Eight years later, Ryan continues to move his life and career forward. He applied a kind of hurry-up offense game plan to his college studies and is advancing in his commercial banking role at US Bank in Cedar Rapids. He also balances more education while embracing a growing role in the community.

Ryan Delaney grew up in the historic river city of Fort Madison, Iowa and stayed busy with year-round sports and student clubs like the Business Professionals of America. That organization gave him a lead on a summer internship with a MidWestOne Bank branch. When the summer ended, the job didn’t.

The bank offered him a chance to continue working there through his senior year.

His girlfriend, Kim was already a student at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, so Ryan gave us a look. “I was accepted at every state school, but I recognized the cost savings available at Kirkwood. I was also impressed with the easy transition to the Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa. And, the location was perfect,” he said.

Ryan appreciated and benefitted from the prestigious Kirkwood Leaders for Tomorrow scholarship, plus other scholarships from Fort Madison organizations when he graduated in 2006. He also found a full-time job at Bank of the West in Cedar Rapids, while balancing a full class load.

Three semesters into his Kirkwood studies, he sensed the time was right to transition into studies at the Tippie School of Business. Ryan said the step from Kirkwood to Iowa “orchestrated well” and he kept his ambitious pace in Iowa City.

“I usually had classes at 8 and 9 a.m., then I went to work. My manager was very understanding and flexible and let me start at 10 at the bank,” Ryan recalled. “Then I usually picked up an evening class at 6 or later. I was able to complete my studies at the university in three more semesters.”

Fast-forward a few years, and Ryan Delaney is well established in Cedar Rapids. His girlfriend Kim is now his wife. She completed her baccalaureate degree at Mount Mercy University and teaches at All Saints Elementary on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids. For a clue into Ryan’s main diversion and passion in life, all you have to do is take note of their pet collie’s name.


“Yep, that’s as in Manti Te’o of Notre Dame,” he said with a smile. “My uncle was a Notre Dame graduate and I have loved the football team and its legacy for as long as I can remember.”

Between work and home responsibilities plus the occasional road trip to South Bend, Ryan is also part-way through his graduate studies for an MBA at the Tippie School of Business in its downtown Cedar Rapids location—right across the street from his US Bank office.

“That is mighty convenient, for sure,” he said. “I really enjoy the classes, the mix of really sharp and smart people I meet there. I love the atmosphere of capable people, all working toward a good goal.”

As he looks to the future, he sees a lot more potential in his work at US Bank. “I really enjoy being part of such a dedicated, accomplished team. Working on such a strong team accelerates each person’s individual growth. Plus, commercial banking is a great fit for me. It is all about valuing and cultivating relationships. Business leaders have a great deal of pride and passion. It’s contagious. I truly enjoy working with them as they evolve and move toward their strategic goals,” he added.