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College Info Session Schedule Set

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Monthly programs will share process, resources for adults considering college

Kirkwood Community College will hold adult student information sessions monthly beginning in March. These “Start Here, Go Anywhere” programs are for any adult interested in exploring college opportunities at Kirkwood.

An early evening session is scheduled for the last Wednesday of every month to allow for work schedules. Each session will be held in the Marland Room in Iowa Hall on Kirkwood’s main campus.

“People picture the words ‘college student’ and imagine someone just barely out of high school. At Kirkwood, we welcome a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds,” said Admissions Advisor Mark Ash. “This year’s student body is a good example. More than one third of our students are over the age of 22. We are proud to say that adults who are world-savvy make some of the very best Kirkwood students!”

Prospective students attending these sessions can learn more about the college’s 120-plus academic programs, financial aid and career services information for the Summer 2008 and Fall 2008 sessions. Kirkwood summer classes are scheduled to begin on May 19, 2008.

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The Start Here, Go Anywhere information session time is set for the last Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Marland Room, Iowa Hall, main campus. To attend an adult information session, please call Admission Advisor, Mark Ash at 800.363.2220 or via e-mail at