Eagle Netters Double the Trouble

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Brus twins add to Kirkwood volleyball success

–by Kelsey Delperdang and Ali Carlson, Kirkwood News Service
As the volleyball team takes their place on the court the fans and opposing team may have to do a double take as they take notice of the players. What spectators are seeing is not just one 5 ft. 7 in. blonde but two, identical twin sisters, Heather and Julia Brus.

Both have been playing volleyball since they were younger and made their decision to attend Kirkwood Community College based on their interest in the volleyball program. “We have always loved the sport and always been in it together,” said Heather.

Aside from their common interest in volleyball, the twins agreed that they share far more similarities than differences. “We do a lot together and we have a lot in common. There are too many to think of,” said Heather.

Although they spend the majority of their time together, there are occasions when they take time apart. “We get along pretty well so there aren’t many times that we feel like that but we do have some times where we want to separate ourselves,” Julia said.

It’s the times that they are together when they appreciate having a twin. “There is always someone to talk to and that you can relate to what is going on,” said Julia. Her sister agreed that it helps to have someone there. “We have a bond that many other siblings don’t have,” she said.

Their unique bond continues on the court. Heather and Julia explained that there were times when they both thought alike or called out something at the same time. “There are definitely some twin-ish moments on and off the court,” explained Julia.

Both players and fans took notice of their bond while they played. “We get a lot of attention. Sometimes it’s funny to see how the fans react to seeing twins on the team,” Heather said.

Although the twins share a common bond between them, it doesn’t interfere with the volleyball team as a whole. “We are a strong and really talented team,” said Heather. “We focus on the bond that we have. We came to the volleyball team and automatically had 15 new friends.”

The sisters set high expectations for the season such as qualifying for nationals and overall improvement. The twins had just one disagreement when it came to volleyball.

“Heather is the better player,” said Julia. While Heather countered back with “Julia is definitely the better player.”