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Kirkwood Announces New College Program Format for Adults

By June 12, 2019June 17th, 2019No Comments
FlexFORWARD Featured

FlexFORWARD allows adult students to use what they already know to advance faster

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (June 12, 2019)-Kirkwood Community College has announced a new educational program format for adults called FlexFORWARD. Classes are open for registration now and the new format will begin this fall.

FlexFORWARD is based off of a Competency Based Education (CBE) model. Students in a CBE format can move through their program faster depending on how quickly they can demonstrate their knowledge of the required course content. This allows those in the program to move through the curriculum faster, which will save the student time and money. The new format also features online classes that start every few weeks, which gives students the flexibility they need to succeed.

According to Kirkwood Associate Dean of Distance Learning Dave Hunt, FlexFORWARD is designed to fit into the busy lifestyle of an adult student.

“Today’s adult student has a lot to juggle in their daily lives,” said Hunt. “It’s really a balance of work, kids, home life, and everything else they have going on. FlexFORWARD addresses many of the hurdles to getting an education that people face. It makes getting a college degree, or coming back to finish one, realistic and achievable for adults with busy lives.”

In addition to the self-paced, flexible nature of the program, FlexFORWARD students will have access to financial aid, scholarships, a personal success coach, and many courses even include their materials at no charge. Students will also be able to take advantage of the academic resources and tools that the college offers to all students as well.

“It’s all about helping adult students get to the next level in their careers,” said Hunt. “Everyone knows that your earning potential increases with a college degree. For one reason or another, getting a college education has just been an unattainable dream for some people. This program makes that dream a reality. It’s a game changer for those adults, their careers, and their families. It’s also good for our regional workforce because businesses will be getting workers that are more qualified. It’s a win for everybody which is very exciting.”

The first academic program accepting students in the FlexFORWARD format is Business Administration: Management with more CBE programs set to be added at a later date.