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Kirkwood, Corridor Development to Commence Workforce Study

By February 2, 2018 November 28th, 2018 No Comments
Kirkwood Community College

Project to capture data on future Corridor workforce needs

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (January 29, 2018)-During the first week of February, targeted employers throughout the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City region will be receiving an electronic invitation to participate in the Skills 2019 Talent Forecast, a new survey that seeks to capture data on the future employment needs of the area. The information is being gathered by Kirkwood Community College in partnership with the new Cedar Rapids Iowa City Corridor Development Corporation.

“We know employers struggle at times to find the right candidates for their open positions,” said President and CEO of Corridor Development Jennifer Daly. “We are eager to help employers by implementing targeted talent attraction and development strategies. This data will be critical to making sure we know which positions will collectively be in highest demand over the next two years.”

The survey gives Corridor employers an opportunity to get involved by sharing their patterns of employment and immediate workforce goals. That data will be used in conjunction with information about specific occupations within industries and the educational requirements associated with each.

According to Kirkwood Vice President of Continuing Education & Training Services Kim Becicka, the data will be used by the college to ensure that curriculum is designed to meet the current and future workforce needs of the region.

“This survey is essentially an extended version of the Skills Reports we have done in the past,” said Becicka. “The information from these reports has been crucial in making sure Kirkwood has the right programs and curriculum to meet workforce needs. This forward-thinking approach gives us the intelligence needed to create educational platforms, from career and skill pathways to degree programs, that benefit both employers and students. These types of tools are a great example of why Kirkwood’s partnership with Development Corporation is vital to the economic health and development of the region.”

The survey must be completed by March 2, 2018. Collected data will be shared in an aggregate report beginning in May. The results will be used to develop and implement talent attraction, retention, and pipeline strategies that support the greatest employer workforce needs in the region.