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Culinary Kitchen Grand Opening with Kid-friendly Cooking

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Newbo Kids

New courses coming to Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen at NewBo City Market

When the doors of the NewBo City Market open at the end of October, Kirkwood Community College will unveil its newest facility, with new offerings for a much younger crowd.

The first class at Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen at NewBo City Market will be Young Chef’s Academy: White House Recipes. This is the first time Kirkwood has offered this type of class, for youth age 8-12. Students will learn recipes from the White House kitchen, explore new foods and practice culinary skills in the new 1,550 square foot teaching space.

“We haven’t always had access to facilities to provide great hands-on culinary classes for the youth of our area,” said Kim Johnson, Vice President of Continuing Education & Training Services. “Before Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen at NewBo City Market, we scheduled culinary courses in area high schools when they were available. We’re excited this facility will expand our offerings for young students.”

The Chef’s Academy is the first culinary class for young students at the facility, but Kirkwood is planning many more. Kids from 3-6 years old can sign up with an adult for Kiddos in the Kitchen classes in November and December, learning to make apple pie, lasagna and cookies.

The Kirkwood Interactive Camps for Kids (KICK) culinary camps will move to the new space in 2013, allowing for more sessions of the popular camps to be added throughout the summer.

With the flexibility the new facility provides for scheduling, Kirkwood is also planning “Mommy and Me” and “Grandparent and Me” classes, with daytime and after school offerings for three to eight year olds.

Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen at NewBo City Market will open to the public on Saturday, October 27, with an open house from noon-4 p.m. Guests can sample food and watch free cooking demonstrations.

For more information and to register for youth culinary classes at Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen at NewBo City Market, including the Young Chef’s Academy and Kiddos in the Kitchen, visit