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Kirkwood Offers Summer Camps with a “KICK”

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Kirkwood offers dozens of learning experiences for youth during summer months

For hundreds of area young people the summer of 2008 will include discovery, exploration and learning. That’s thanks to a wide range of new “KICK” summer camps through Kirkwood Community College. Most of the programs will cater to students entering 5th through 9th grades in the fall.

The Kirkwood Interactive Camps for Kids schedule includes many activities and programs to encourage science and technology experiences, plus several sessions on visual and performing arts and “extreme sports” activities. The camps will range from a single day through multi-week formats.

Continuing Education Executive Director of Programming Kim Johnson said the extended KICK line-up developed from “a lot of discussion and feedback from parents” over the past few years.

“Around our area you can find many camps for younger children and a good choice among high school learning experiences. But we discovered that there was a real need for quality learning experiences for the grades 5 through 9. You could say we developed a lot of choices for young people that are between daycare and driver’s ed. Our pilot programs last year were very well received and we have many more choices this summer,” Johnson said.

Themes for the KICK summer camps include “Express Yourself,” “Gamers and Geeks,” “Biz…” (learning experiences in entrepreneurship, money and investing), “Teen Cuisine” and many others. Some of the notable camp programs include:

• A series of focused activities showing manufacturing and precision tool skills. These “Nuts & Bolts & Moving Parts” camps include the return of a popular event from last summer, the Race Car camp. This five-day event shows young people the advanced technology used in today’s exciting world of competitive racing. While seeing a fast-paced pastime up close, students will also learn concepts of CNC machining, welding, hydraulics, physics and other knowledge crucial to promising future careers. This Monday-Friday camp begins July 14. Another hands-on camp will give students the opportunity to build a large model dinosaur using multiple tools. The “Weld-A-Saurus” event will result in an 18-inch tall dino-model created using oxyacetylene torches to cut and weld steel. This three-day camp experience begins July 9. Another creative outlet is the 3-D Modeling Camp, a three-day program beginning Aug. 13. Students can use the power of computers to design everything from buildings and cars to guitars. The camp introduces parametric 3-D solid modeling using AutoDesk software. These camps and more are designed to introduce promising careers through fun experiences.

• Two construction and technology projects involving LEGO brand learning tools. The “Engineering Using LEGO” camp will use advanced LEGO parts and pieces, with students learning by doing. The program will integrate math and science concepts in a lab-type setting. The five-day camp begins June 16. Another camp will let students create “battle bots” that teach simple and complex machines, gearing and mechanics. The student-created robotic machines will then “duel it out” in competitive rounds. This program is also Monday-Friday beginning June 23.

• For video game fans, two learning camps will help students learn programming, graphic design and animation while creating their own specialized games. A Video Game Making camp begins June 16, with a Video Game Invaders camp set for June 23. (Both video game camps may be combined with the LEGO camps for a special tuition price.)

• Future corporate leaders and entrepreneurs can learn the basics of modern business in camps such as “Your Lucky Day,” a one-day entrepreneur’s workshop on June 13. Designed for all students entering grades 5 through 9, participants will learn what an entrepreneur does, the basics of advertising and business ethics, all while meeting other young people with the same interests. Hands-on business plans will be created, with commentary and critiques offered by local adult business representatives. Another one-day seminar asks, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” This Aug. 4 program will show the strategies, techniques and philosophies real-world millionaires have used for years and how young people can get an early start on a successful business life. Lunch is provided in this 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. program at the new Kirkwood Center for Continuing Education.

• Science and medicine will be well-represented in the KICK summer line-up. “Blues Anatomy” is a health careers camp beginning July 7. The five-day program will let young people explore future careers in dental, medical and therapeutic services, emergency care, dietary and vision services. Field trips will include a local ambulance service, fire department, hospital and adult care facility. Students will also get hands-on learning in CPR and first aid.

• A series of one-day camps will reveal important issues in water quality and the environment. The day themes are: The Chemistry Experience; Clean Streams; Get the Dirty on Drinking Water; Disease & Rodents & Trash, Oh MY!; and Outdoor Adventure. Students may take any one-day camp or combine them all into a week’s learning experience for a special tuition rate. The series will be offered in a “girls only” session the week of July 14-18, or an open-to-all week, July 28-Aug. 1.

• The KICK series will also include several camps for aspiring authors, photographers and performers. Among them is the annual tradition of Kirkwood’s Young People’s Performing Arts Camp. This three-week series lets children from first through eighth grades develop self-expression in a non-competitive enrichment experience. Students will discover all the elements that come together for “the show,” including acting, singing, dance, set construction, writing and more. The finale is a live performance for family and friends in early July. The camp begins June 9, from 9 a.m. to noon each day.

A catalog listing all the offerings in the Kirkwood KICK Summer Camp series is available by calling (319) 398-5529. Information is also available via the Internet at: or by e-mailing Tracy Wazac at