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New Kirkwood Talent Pipeline Models to Fill Dire Workforce Needs

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Construction Instruction
Construction Technologist Apprenticeship program to launch in early 2019

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (December 4, 2018)-Kirkwood Community College, in collaboration with regional employers, has created new education and training delivery models to meet today’s workforce challenges. Developed as a result of the tight labor market, these earn-and-learn models are available to area employers with immediate need for solutions to labor shortages.

A combination of training programs, work-based learning and apprenticeships, the delivery format capitalizes on providing individuals seeking higher-paying opportunities a chance to earn a paycheck while they learn on the job. The result is that employers fill worker shortages, while building a long-term talent pipeline in their industry.

According to Kirkwood Vice President of Continuing Education and Training Services Kim Becicka, now is the time for employers take their labor challenges head-on.

“While the low unemployment rate is great news for the overall economy, it creates a strain on some industries desperate for quality labor,” said Becicka. “These new and customized models fill an immediate employer need, benefiting the present and future of an industry as well as an individual employee’s career. I would strongly encourage any employer struggling to find workers and seeking to implement innovative and creative solutions to contact Kirkwood Corporate Training as soon as they’re ready to solve this problem.”

Interested employers can contact Corporate Training at 319-398-5623 or to get started.

One example of these new models in action is the Construction Technologist Apprenticeship program, which will begin in early 2019. The program is a direct result of the construction industry expressing a strong need for solutions to address their worker shortage. Collaborating with employers, Kirkwood developed an educational model that’s a win-win for both employer and employee. At the end of a three-year apprenticeship, students will hold a portable Department of Labor credential and will have the majority of Kirkwood’s Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) diploma completed.

The college will hold an information session this Thursday (12/6) for anyone interested in starting or advancing their career in the construction industry.

Employers interested in getting involved in the Construction Technologist Apprenticeship program can contact Corporate Training at 319-398-5623 or

For individuals interested in the Construction Technologist Apprenticeship program:

What: Construction Technologist Apprenticeship program information session
Where: Jones Hall room 123, Kirkwood main campus, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW, Cedar Rapids
When: Thursday, December 6, at 3:30 p.m.
Cost: Free (Call 319-398-1022 to register)