Student of the Month

November Student of the Month: Katie Masters

What is your background?: I was born in San Mateo, California to two Californians but was raised in Nairobi, Kenya where my parents did volunteer work. In seventh grade my family moved to Amman, Jordan, where I eventually graduated high school from Whitman Academy in 2017. Because I grew up in several countries, home is where my family is: my parents, my brother and sister, their spouses and their kiddos.

What brought you to Kirkwood and why?: When I started university one year ago, I had no idea I would end up at a different school in a different state with a different major. Yet once I made the decision to pursue nursing and leave my previous school, I knew that moving back in with my parents and attending Kirkwood was the most cost-effective path. It was only until I arrived that I realized Kirkwood was truly a great fit for me with its fantastic nursing program, music and leadership opportunities, and a community I can engage in.

What is your program of study and what interests you about it?: Nursing is my program of study. It’s fascinating to learn about the intricate design of the human body as well as the complexities of working with and serving people from all walks of life.

Are you involved in anything else on campus? If so, what and why?: I’m in Jazz Transit because singing has always been a passion of mine and it pushes me to sing in new and fun ways. I am also involved in the Student Leadership Council so I can be engaged in the community I live in and help other students become more connected.

Are you involved in anything off of campus?: I am involved in Veritas Student Ministry as a small group leader for sixth grade girls, walking alongside them as we pursue Jesus Christ and live lives transformed by his love. I also am apart of Salt Co., a ministry for college students to come and discover God and Jesus no matter where they are.

What do you do for fun?: I love rock climbing, hiking, and getting outdoors anytime, anywhere. Cooking has always been a hobby of mine as well as reading, but lately my favorite pastime has been meeting new people in pretty much any circumstance.

Where do you see yourself in five years?: In five years I see myself working as a travel nurse exploring the United States and potentially going overseas with a volunteer health organization like the PeaceCorps.