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Professors, Presidential Hopeful Inspire Student

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Giorgio D’Addezio is involved. He is dedicated to his community of Iowa City, he is participating in the upcoming election, he works as an interpreter at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and he is a member of various volunteer clubs around campus. D’Addezio’s reason for being involved is simple.

“I have met many peers who are great people and whose friendships I value. Because of these things I feel more committed to the Iowa City campus and doing what I can to help improve it,” D’Addezio said.

D’Addezio’s efforts and hard work have not gone unnoticed. He has been named to the All-Iowa Academic Team. Phi Theta Kappa, USA TODAY, and the American Association of Community Colleges sponsor the All-USA Academic Team program annually. To be eligible, students must have a minimum of a 3.25 cumulative GPA and be eligible to graduate with an associate degree. D’Addezio was named as one of Kirkwood’s four representatives to be submitted to the national competition.

D’Addezio, who was born in Italy, attends classes at Kirkwood’s Iowa City campus. He said that the most influential people to him are the ones that keep him motivated and believing.

“I have been inspired by the hope that Barack Obama believes in. He gives me the confidence that anything is attainable with good guidance and will power. He is also an example of one individual making an extraordinary difference. I think this is a rare and wonderful thing, when one person can instigate such change for the positive,” D’Addezio said. “My most influential experiences have been with several of my professors at Kirkwood. At office hours, during lectures and between classes I have had conversations with these professors that renewed my motivation and dedication to my Kirkwood education.”

D’Addezio is currently a Business Administration major at Kirkwood and plans to move on to the University of Iowa to pursue degrees in Business Management and Asian Studies.

He credits the instruction he has recieved at Kirkwood for his continued success.

“[My professors] had a confidence in me that allowed me to be successful. I knew from the start that although I am a non-traditional, married student studying in a second language, I had exceptional teachers who would help me do well,” D’Addezio said.

In 10 years, D’Addezio aspires to be in China, representing either an American Company or an Italian Company in the Chinese market. “My generation will witness an enormous shift in China’s power and progress over the next 50 years or so and I will be thrilled to be a part of that,” he said.

D’Addezio also aspires to be a father. “My wife Cait, and I will be teaching our children about the world they live in,” he said. “This will be the greatest achievement I can hope for in my life.”