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Training Improves Employee Engagement According to Study

By August 23, 2016 November 28th, 2018 No Comments
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Kirkwood offers courses for management and staff

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (August 23, 2016)-Kirkwood Community College will kick off the Business Partners Training Consortium on Thursday, September 15. Focused on improving management and staff skills, training development correlates to research and demand in Iowa’s Creative Corridor.

According to Gallup, a research based, performance-management company, bad managers cost businesses billions of dollars each year. In studying nearly 12,000 work teams they found that bad managers contribute largely to a disengaged workforce. The researcher claims that only one in 10 people possess the inherent talent to manage. Companies who invest in management training experience improvement with employee engagement and their bottom line, Gallup found.

“For more than 20 years the focus of Kirkwood Training & Outreach Services (KTOS) has been on improving the workforce in Iowa’s Creative Corridor,” said Kim Becicka, vice president of Continuing Education & Training Services. “The Business Partners Training Consortium was one of our original training programs. We wanted to make training experts from across the country accessible to businesses sharing training needs.”

Last year 20 companies including Archer Daniels Midland, EcoLips and Skogman Realty, participated in the Business Partners Training Consortium. The consortium enables companies to purchase the training package with various topical courses. Companies then select training sessions based on the needs of participating employees. Purchasing a “season pass” keeps training costs to a minimum.

“Business Partners 2016-2017 is designed to improve managerial skills and offers other hot topics important for staff development,” said KTOS Senior Director Amy Lasack. “We paid attention to area employer requests, as well as Gallup’s findings.”

Kirkwood’s Business Partners Training Consortium is a nine-month program. Training requires a half-workday commitment for participants once a month. Participation in the consortium gives businesses exclusive access to upcoming KTOS events. This year topics range from conflict management to personal effectiveness.

For more information about Business Partners or to register, call 319-398-5623 or visit