Student of the Month

October Student of the Month: Lupita Montiel

By October 10, 2018 October 25th, 2018 No Comments

What is your background?: I grew up in Columbus Junction, Iowa. I was really involved in the community there. I still work at the nursing home there and drive the ambulance!

What brought you to Kirkwood and why?: A lot of my friends have been to Kirkwood and I heard great things about it while I was deciding on where to go. Admissions Advisor Nick Blomme reached out to me when I was still in high school and even came to my award night! I love that my professors know my name.

What is your program of study and what interests you about it?: I want to go into the nursing program. Eventually I want to be a flight nurse. I love adrenaline and love to help others when they are in need.

Are you involved in anything on campus? If so, what and why?: I am a student ambassador. It’s a great opportunity to help people decide to go to Kirkwood.

Are you involved in anything off campus?: I am a part of the Farrell’s team.

What do you do for fun?: I love to watch movies, eat pasta, go shopping and hang out with friends.

Where do you see yourself in five years?: Hope to be a nurse working at a hospital and a paramedic.