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January Student of the Month: Ty Breitbach

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Ty, tell us a little about your family and school years, please: I am the second-oldest of six, with one older brother and a younger sister. I also have two step-brothers and a stepsister. I went to Linn-Mar High School for a year, then finished high school in Prophetstown, Illinois, where I graduated in 2010. My step-family currently resides in Prophetstown while my sister lives in Memphis, Tennessee and my brother in Marion.

We understand you spent a little time in the military before coming to Kirkwood?: I served in the U.S. Air Force as a Security Forces member, better known as Military Police. I’ve had specialized training in many different categories of security operations, anything from hand-to-hand combat and heavy weapons qualifications to running integrated defense systems and convoys. I excelled in my training, earning Honor Graduate Delegate in Basic Training and Distinguished Honor Graduate in my Technical Training. I’m privileged to have served in the armed forces and still apply my core values to every-day life.

Where are you in your Kirkwood studies? What’s been the most interesting or enjoyable part so far?: I just finished my first semester of the second year in the Parks and Natural Resources program. I love the Parks program and can really relate to the classes and my peers. I found it interesting how tight-knit the program actually is between students and staff. The instructors really care about you and your education and will go out of their ways to help you achieve your goals.

What drew you to this program, specifically?: I have always had a passion for the outdoors. I have been a hunter and fisherman for most of my life and as I got older, I realized that protecting our state’s natural resources is critical. I did some research and found out that Kirkwood offered an Applied Science Degree in Parks and Natural Resources. I wasted no time and signed up as soon as I could. Today I am a dedicated student to the program and cannot wait to get a career in the natural resources field.

What are your school and career plans after this year?: I am currently double-majoring and I plan on transferring to Iowa State after I complete my Parks and Natural Resources Degree and Liberal Arts Degree. I plan on earning Bachelor’s Degree in their Fisheries Management Program. I want to work in the field of fisheries research, which can include being a Fish Hatchery Technician or a Fisheries Biologist.