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Kirkwood and UNI Sign Agreement to Offer 2+2 Music Degree


In the center from left to right: Kirkwood Associate Professor of Music Fred Kiser, Kirkwood Vice President of Academic Affairs Jennifer Bradley, Kirkwood Dean of Arts & Humanities Jennifer Cunningham, and Interim Director of UNI School of Music Melinda Boyd are joined by Kirkwood music students.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (March 4, 2024)–Kirkwood Community College and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) School of Music have signed and agreement for a unique partnership allowing students to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Music. The 2+2 articulation agreement opens doors for students to seamlessly transition from an Associate of Applied Arts in Music at Kirkwood to a comprehensive Bachelor of Arts in Music at UNI, fostering a well-rounded and enriched musical education.

“This pathway allows students to achieve their goal through two years at Kirkwood followed by two years at UNI,” said Melinda Boyd, Interim Director of the School of Music at UNI. “The 2+2 articulation agreement stands as a testament to the forward-thinking approach of both institutions and their dedication to enhancing educational opportunities in the field of music.”

Kirkwood Dean of Arts and Humanities Jennifer Cunningham is excited about the partnership and the new opportunities it presents for students.

“This exciting new partnership increases the opportunities for our music students to transfer,” said Cunningham. “Kirkwood students will now have the opportunity to start their music career path at Kirkwood and easily transfer to UNI who is well known for producing quality musicians and educators. This articulation will save students thousands of dollars on their post-secondary education and know that they are transferring to a school that has a very high rate of career placement after graduation.”

While administrators at both institutions have been interested in a partnership for years, the articulation agreement is now made possible through UNIFI – leveraging the University of Northern Iowa’s general education requirements, which are designed to offer students increased flexibility in tailoring their academic journey to align with their individual goals.

The partnership emphasizes the importance of collaborative initiatives in higher education. Faculty and staff at both institutions are dedicated to finding additional transfer pathways for the benefit of students.

The 2+2 music degree program reflects a commitment to student success, providing a navigable path for aspiring musicians to cultivate their talents and achieve their academic and professional aspirations. For more information about transferring to UNI, please visit

About Kirkwood Community College
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About the University of Northern Iowa
Located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the University of Northern Iowa is a comprehensive institution distinguished by its focus on undergraduate education. With enrollment at over 9,000 students representing 53 countries, 45 U.S. states and all of Iowa’s 99 counties, students at UNI get a large university environment with a small college atmosphere, where they can stand out and excel. Building on its historic excellence in teacher education, the university has developed outstanding programs in business, natural sciences, humanities and fine arts, and social and behavioral sciences, with advanced degrees available in many programs. UNI is nationally recognized for its low student indebtedness, high educational standards, and ability to provide its students with a variety of opportunities to live and learn together. In addition to offering over 90 majors, UNI also has more than 50 graduate programs that span disciplines from accounting to education and social work to music. UNI is also uniquely affordable and boasts a four- year graduation rate that is nearly 20 percentage points higher above similar institutions.