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Student of the Month

May Student of the Month: Brailyn Tankersley

By May 14, 2021May 24th, 2021No Comments

What is your background?: I am from Maxwell, Iowa. I went to Collins-Maxwell High school. I have three older siblings–two brothers (Brandon, Brett) and one sister (Brittney). My parents are Kevin and Sue Tankersley.

What brought you to Kirkwood and why?: From the day I came for my college visit it just felt like home. Everyone was so nice and so welcoming. That’s when I knew this is where I wanted to go.

What is your program of study and what interests you about it?: My program of study is Culinary Arts. What interest me about it is that I learn something new everyday–from a new dish to new cooking technique. It’s also fun to cook and try foods from all over the world.

Are you involved in anything else on campus? If so, what and why?: I am involved in fall culinary competition time to show my abilities and gain more opportunities. I’m also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

Are you involved in anything off of campus?: No, just currently working in my field.

What do you do for fun?: I like to hang out with friends or go home as much as I can to hangout and spend time with my family.

Where do you see yourself in five years?: In five years I see myself making my way through the culinary industry and working towards my goal of becoming a restaurant owner.