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June Student of the Month: Heather Stuck

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What is your background?: The first half of my childhood was spent in little-town McGregor, Iowa where I lived with my family.  I have four siblings and I’m smack dab in the middle. At age 14 my parents decided to pack us up and move to Forsyth, Missouri, which is about 15 miles east of Branson. This is where I would eventually graduate from Forsyth High School. After graduation, I attended Evangel University and Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, Missouri, each for one year.

What brought you to Kirkwood and why?: After a few times of switching my major, and even schools, I was persuaded by my older brother to try out Kirkwood, as he is a Kirkwood Alumni himself. So, just over a year ago, my newlywed husband and I packed up after only one month of being married and moved to Cedar Rapids! We now both attend and hope to be graduating within this next school year!

What is your program of study and what interests you about it?: I am currently enrolled in the Business Marketing Management program. After trying a few majors out, this is the first program that feels right. I like that I get to use my creative side in a professional manner. I have a creative driven side to me and finding a career that allows me to utilize that without it being an art-specific career path, has been difficult. I feel this program allows me to do that.

Are you involved in anything off of campus? If so, what and why?: I am involved with a church I attend in Coralville! Two to three Sunday’s a month I am a part of our music team and I absolutely love the community I share with them.

What do you do for fun?: I like to try new things: go on a trail I’ve never been, see a live performance by a local band I’ve never heard of, play a sport I’m terrible at, etc. Some days I like to take my longboard out for a ride; some days I like to binge watch “The Office.” It just depends!

Where do you see yourself in five years?: I like to think that as human beings we are always learning about ourselves and the world around us, no matter what stage of life we are in. If I were to tell you where I see myself in five years that would be based upon who I am today, and I would say something along the lines of, “I see myself working hard and hopefully paying off any college debt I have left, with just enough money left over for late night Chick-fil-a trips!” But all jokes aside, where I would feel proud to be in five years is a place of continual learning and growing, to be in a city I would be proud to call home, and make a living off of a career that allows me to use both my creative and professional strengths. That’s the dream.